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Pizza made from spent grains revolutionises health & sustainability

Yorkshire-based Sturdy Foods' brand, The Homemade Pizza Club is upping the stakes in sustainability with a new pizza made from the nutrient rich, but usually discarded, ‘spent grains’ left over from the process of brewing beer.

In the UK alone, Britain’s breweries create more than 250 million tons of spent grains every year. The spent grain (which is non-alcoholic) is then usually discarded or used as a cattle feed supplement due to its high protein content.

The innovation team at The Homemade Pizza Club discovered that the rich and wholesome pizza made using spent grain also delivers 22% less calories than a standard pizza base, as well as double the fibre, 20% less sodium and 14% more protein without any compromise on taste or flavour.

Named Salubre, this pizza is a major innovation for the industry as it is the UK's first non-HFSS (non-high fat salt and sugar) tomato topped pizza base available direct to customers online.

Salubre is also part of The Homemade Pizza Club’s mission to help make pizza part of a balanced diet. It is an alternative to sugary and fatty takeaway pizzas and unhealthy supermarket options.

Salubre is made with a combination of UK milled, vitamin enriched wheat flour and spent Barley grains. Spent grains - from a Yorkshire brewery - are a highly nutritious food source, being high in fibre and protein.

Founder James Sturdy said, “We were inspired to create the new Salubre pizza base to try and solve the problem of balancing consumer desire for delicious products with the need to improve nutritional content and to move to a more circular economy. Healthier products are often perceived as a compromise or less of a treat.

“With the Salubre we have created a product which we believe offers everything people love about eating a pizza whilst making it much healthier. The future of food is about not only improved nutrition but also reducing waste and the Salubre also ticks this box by reusing the spent grains from the brewing process.

“The means a highly nutritious food source going back into human consumption that is otherwise thrown away or sent to animal feed. We are delighted to have developed a product that we believe is the future of food in its ability to offer incredible flavour whilst being better for people and the planet.'