HCA & BDA collaborate to improve hospital catering standards

The Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) and British Dietetic Association (BDA) have launched a memorandum of understanding to foster closer working practises between the two organisations.

The associations have agreed to work together to maintain and improve standards across hospital catering and services relating to patient nutrition and patient safety. Quarterly meetings have been scheduled between the organisations to help deliver these goals.

The memorandums ultimate goal is to help both associations ensure that the ‘Patient is put first’ a theme which builds on the HCA’s ‘Power of 3’ campaign to secure better collaboration between Caterers, Nurses and Dietitians.

HCA Chair, Phil Shelley commented, “Inter agency, association and department collaboration has been at the heart of my chairmanship of the HCA. I am delighted to be part of formalising an agreement with our Dietitian colleagues to work towards a more inclusive, patient-centred and safe catering service throughout the NHS.”

He continued, “Our Power of 3 campaign encourages caterers to become bigger than the sum of their parts by working closer in collaboration with other NHS professionals, in particular Nurses and Dietitians to create a truly holistic and 360 degree approach to nutrition and hydration.

'From caterer’s menus and ingredients, to Dietitians safe-guarding of nutritional content, to the final ward end delivery supported via the nursing teams, working together we can deliver excellence to each and every patient.”

BDA Chief Executive, Andy Burman added, “Collaboration with our partners is vital to the work of the BDA, and I am very pleased to have signed the memorandum. This agreement builds on the positive working relationship that already exists between the BDA and HCA and will ensure we can work together more closely to ensure that patients receive the best possible nutrition when in hospital.”