Mr Kipling bakery welcomes MP for mince pie visit

Colleagues at Premier Foods’ Mr Kipling bakery were delighted to host Dan Jarvis MP last week to show him how to make the perfect mince pie.

The site, which employs around 1,200 people during the peak Christmas season, is expecting to make more than 180 million mince pies this year alone - the most ever! It also produces a number of other festive Mr Kipling treats, including Gingerbread Whirls and Frosted Fancies.

Whilst at the bakery, Dan Jarvis met with colleagues responsible for making and packing the three million mince pies made each day, as well as a number of engineering apprentices.

Jarvis commented, “I’m very proud to say that Barnsley is the home of the mince pie, and congratulate the team at Premier Foods for their record breaking year”.

Simon Wood, Factory General Manager, added, “It was a pleasure to give Mr Jarvis a behind the scenes tour of how we bake the perfect mince pie. And we were particularly delighted to find out that they’re one of his favourite Christmas treats!”