Yo! Sushi merges with US sushi kiosk giant

Yo! Sushi is to form the world’s largest sushi company outside of Japan as it merges with US operator SnowFox, which manages over 700 sushi kiosks mainly in supermarkets across 25 US states.

Yo! will add SnowFox to a group that already includes Canada’s Bento Sushi and supermarket supplier, Taiko. Founded in 2005, SnowFox is wholly owned by JFE Franchising.

The new company has brand-combined sales of £336.4m and leading retailers in North America and the UK as customers, including Kroger, Loblaws, Walmart, Sobeys, Waitrose, Sam’s Club and Tesco.

Richard Hodgson, CEO of YO! Sushi, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with SnowFox given its high brand penetration, recognised product and service quality, as well as excellent industry relationships.

“Building on from the successful integration of Bento Sushi starting in 2017, YO! will look to replicate this approach with SnowFox as it continues to execute its diversification strategy.

“By expanding its geographical presence and offering, the expanded group will meet the untapped demand of consumers around the world. Jim, Stacy and their teams exemplify the talent we wish to work with and we are incredibly honoured that we are partnering with them.”

Yo! launched a trial of sushi being sold in supermarkets with Tesco in October last year, which, if successful will be rolled out across Tesco stores.