Pizza Express temporarily shuts its 490 sites

Having closes all dine-in pizzerias on Friday, Pizza Express has continued to offer delivery and takeaway in 274 of its restaurants. However, Pizza Express has now temporarily closed its estate of over 490 restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

Zoe Bowley, Pizza Express' managing director, said in a letter to customers:
'As events unfolded over the weekend and with the increased social distancing being mandated, we no longer believe it remains in the best interests of our customers and teams to continue to operate in this way.

I’d like to assure you that we ‘ll open our pizzerias again as soon as it is safe to do so.

We’ll also continue to increase production of our at home range in order to enhance availability of our pizza in supermarkets during this time.

Whilst we’re uncertain of what may happen over the coming few weeks, we’ll continue to support our customers, teams and local communities as best we can and we remain committed to helping the UK get through these uncertain times.

We’ll get through this. Together.'