Carpigiani launches Soft Serve Consultancy

Ice cream making machines manufacturer, Carpigiani has launched its Soft Serve Consultancy to advise those wanting to set up an ice cream business from scratch, or an experienced business looking to tap into the latest trends.

Scott Duncan, Sales Director at Carpigiani UK has seen premium soft serve take hold in the UK and internationally. He commented, “Premium soft serve is a growing trend in the world of frozen desserts.

'Quality ingredients, unique and innovative flavours and the perfect equipment create a work of art and a very Instagram-able soft serve creation.

'We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of soft serve outlets who want to offer something really different to their customers and set their business apart from competitors.

'No longer just the afternoon seaside treat in a cone, premium soft serve is also used by top chefs in restaurants all over the world to create some of the most amazing desserts you will ever see and if you’re lucky, get to taste.”

Carpigiani’s Soft Serve Consultancy works across four pillars:
Machine Configuration & Settings
Carpigiani expert technicians are on hand to ensure that our world leading machines are configured perfectly for the product being made. Understanding recipe consistency and temperature and the impact of these on yield will ultimately impact business profitability and ensure that the final dessert is optimised.

With opportunities to brand our machines as well as the Total Only You range which is available in a striking red, pink, yellow or teal, the team at S.S.C. can also help with installation of new nozzles which create amazing soft serve shapes and truly Instagram-able creations.

Food Style
As a global business, Carpigiani harnesses worldwide trends and delivers them via Soft Serve Consultants. The latest developments in soft serve packaging, styles, colours and flavours are shared with customers. S.S.C. will help a business to deliver an amazing visual creation and the perfect serving vessel.

Mix & Recipe Development
Shake up your mix or let the Carpigiani S.S.C. team create a bespoke recipe. S.S.C. are experts in taste, sweetness, mouth feel, consistency and texture and they will ensure the resulting product is perfect.

Operations Management
From understanding operational profitability to after sales service. The Carpigiani team can help with it all. Workflow, processes, training etc. the team offer a one stop shop for all aspects of a soft serve business.

Duncan concluded, “We have such a lot of know-how and capability within our business and the Carpigiani Soft Serve Consultancy allows us to share this with our customers; past, present and future, and ensure they are receiving the most up to the minute, fresh thinking for their businesses.”