Deliveroo launches new free delivery subscription

Deliveroo, the leading food-delivery company, has launched a new unlimited free delivery subscription for £3.49 a month, as part of the company’s ‘Plus’ service.

The new offering available to all customers will support families, couples and group households ordering more regular and larger orders, making ordering from Deliveroo more affordable and accessible than ever.

The new ‘Plus for a family’ subscription priced at £3.49 per month for unlimited free delivery on all Deliveroo orders over £25, is the first membership of its kind to launch in the UK by an online food delivery company and will make ordering for one household cheaper than ever before.

The launch of the new subscription service will make ordering regularly from restaurants and supermarkets more convenient and cost-effective for customers. In recent months, Deliveroo has seen a surge in customers using the food delivery service to have grocery items delivered directly to their door, who will particularly benefit from this new offer.

Deliveroo has on-demand grocery partnerships with supermarket giants including Waitrose, Co-op, Aldi, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, so the offer means Brits can save when ordering their grocery essentials. The offer also applies to all restaurants and takeaways on Deliveroo of which there are over 140,000 to choose from nationwide.

Members who sign up, not only get unlimited free delivery but also get access to exclusive offers and deals from restaurants that are part of the programme, which are available to all Plus members.

Carlo Mocci, chief business officer at Deliveroo UK and IRE, said, “At Deliveroo our mission is to become the definitive food company. We know our customers are ordering more frequently and ordering larger baskets, whether that’s ordering dinner when they work late or getting groceries conveniently delivered to their front door.

We’re really excited about introducing this new tier of Deliveroo’s Plus subscription service - so families, couples and groups households can benefit from unlimited free delivery from restaurants and grocery shops, at a cheaper price, and get access to even more exclusive deals than ever before.”

The food delivery company launched its first monthly subscription service, Plus, in the UK in 2017. Since then, it has seen hundreds of thousands of subscribers signed up to the programme who want to benefit from free delivery at a cost of £11.49 per month with orders over £10.

Deliveroo has recently unveiled plans to expand on its Plus subscription service by improving the benefits it offers its customers. It will be rolling out even more exclusive deals from local restaurants, so subscribers get access to further discounts on top of the free delivery they will receive on all orders.