McQueens Dairies introduces oat milk in gass bottles

Glasgow-based McQueens Dairies has introduced Oato oat milk in glass bottles to its range of alternative milk. Delivered along with juice and eggs, oat milk makes a perfect addition to coffee, tea or cereal.

Oato is a creamy ‘non-dairy’ plant based milk alternative which is lactose, nut, sugar and soy free. It is made with the freshest British ingredients. It contains no animal products so it is safe to consume if you follow a vegan or plant based diet.

Having the oat milk delivered in glass bottles is helping to bring back a tradition of the milkman delivery whilst moving forward with the times and doing its bit for the environment. Each bottle is used on average 25 times and then is recycled into new glass.

McQueens Dairie, which operates 11 depots, is dedicated to helping customers make small changes that have a huge impact on our environment through our glass reusable milk bottles.