New Deliveroo tech offers businesses group ordering & cloud canteen service

Deliveroo for Business, the corporate arm of Deliveroo, is offering two new B2B tech solutions to companies to support a hybrid working model.

This comes ahead of ‘Freedom Day’ and backed by new research by Deliveroo for Business showing that 50% of its clients are looking to adopt a hybrid way of working post-pandemic, working two days at home and three in the office.

Just 20% of the survey’s respondents said that they would fully return to the office. The research also revealed that technology and marketing firms were most likely to be opting for a partially remote workplace. With this in mind, Deliveroo will make things as easy as possible for companies to continue to build teams, boost morale and give something back to staff through the community of food.

To cater for this flexible way of working, Deliveroo has launched two new tech solutions:
Hybrid Cloud Canteen
With permanent office canteens a costly overhead spend for offices going hybrid, Deliveroo is introducing a Hybrid Cloud Canteen service allowing businesses to offer their employees delicious food on a pay-as-you-go basis - both in the office and at home.

The new service allows for employees to expense a meal while the company has full visibility on spend. Ordering rules, such as delivery addresses, hours in which food can be delivered and spending limits, can also be implemented by companies for staff on the app to be billed back to the business.

Companies can choose whether to subsidise these meals or offer an allowance at no cost to the employee, cutting down on food waste which was costing some companies over £15k per year pre-pandemic.

Group Ordering
Deliveroo has also introduced Group Orders which is perfect for company and team meetings in the office, offsites or entertainment. A business can share an order link and let colleagues add their own dishes to a shared basket - removing the difficulties of coordination of food orders for larger groups.

The group order can be planned 24 hours in advance and items will be added to the cart with the corresponding name of the person ordering. Up to 100 people can order via this link, making team event ordering simple, reliable and hassle-free.

Deliveroo for Business has partnerships with major brands such as Facebook and TikTok which - like thousands of other companies - have used ordering food for team virtual get-togethers as a way to support staff and boost team morale during the pandemic.

In this new era of hybrid working, Deliveroo for Business is well-placed to cater for companies’ dining needs as it can tailor its offer to a business’ requirements, creating more flexibility for employers to match the working patterns of their employees, whilst reducing waste and costs.

Juan Diego Farah, Global Head of Deliveroo for Business, said, “Deliveroo for Business is proud to have played a role during the pandemic in boosting staff morale while employees worked virtually. With over 50% of our clients moving to a hybrid working model, we are excited to continue supporting teams across the world as they continue to work in this new way.

'Since 2019 we have seen demand for Deliveroo for Business grow, with a 101% increase in new account signings globally. Hybrid perks are the future of the workplace; being able to access these at home or in the office will become increasingly important as we adapt to new ways of working.”