UKH says mandatory Covid passport news is hammer blow to nightclubs

UKHospitality Chief Executive has commented on the PM’s announcement that Covid passports will become mandatory for entry for nightclubs and large events from September.

Kate Nicholls said, “This announcement comes as a hammer blow on a day when nightclubs, a sector that has been closed by the Government for 16 months, were finally given hope that they could start to trade viably and make progress toward rebuilding and paying off accrued debts.

'Covid passports will be a costly burden that run the risk of creating flashpoints between staff and customers, as well as raising potential issues with equalities legislation and the handling of customer data.

'As recently as last week the Government asked us to work with them on a voluntary scheme, so this new policy is devastating and risks hitting these fragile businesses and derailing their recovery and costing thousands of jobs.”