FSA chair welcomes pilot aimed at improving school food standards

Following the publication of the Government’s Levelling up White Paper Susan Jebb, chair of the Food Standards Agency, has welcomed plans for a pilot aimed at improving school food standards.

The Levelling Up White Paper sets out the Government’s plans to transform the UK into a more equal society.

The pilot aimed at improving school food standards will be launched across multiple local authorities in March 2022, including Blackpool Council, Lincolnshire Council, Plymouth City Council and Nottingham City Council.

Following an initial discovery phase, to identify possible approaches, the pilot will identify how red flags can be raised against instances of non-compliance with the school food standards, and consider what should happen next.

Jebb (pictured) commented, “The food children eat in schools makes an important contribution to their health and wellbeing. The government has already set standards, but it’s important that we understand how well the standards are being implemented in practice and support schools to improve where necessary.

“We look forward to collaborating with our partners in government to develop a robust assurance system. We will also work with our local authority partners to consider how their inspection and monitoring regimes might help assure the standards that have been set for school food.

“The FSA is an independent regulator, trusted to make sure food is safe and what it says it is. Through this work we hope to help drive up the standards for school food and build confidence in the school food system to deliver safe and healthy food for our children.”