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Nationwide cocktail delivery service launches

The Drinks Drop - the discerning drinker’s at home cocktail delivery service - has launched, bringing ready to sip top flavor cocktails to drinks aficionados nationwide.

With an increase in demand for restaurant-quality produce to be easily delivered and enjoyed at home, The Drinks Drop now allows people to savour expertly mixed cocktails prepared by teams from the world’s best bars, without having to leave their front door.

The online platform will first launch with a collection of twenty ready-mixed cocktails, created by twenty partner establishments; ten in London and ten in Manchester.

The cocktail recipes used are exclusive to The Drinks Drop and designed in tandem with some of the industry’s most prestigious brands and spirits including: Belvedere vodka, Don Julio tequila, Hendricks gin, Nc’nean Scotch Whisky and Santiago de Cuba rum. Partner establishments mixing up the cocktails will include award-winning London icon, Artesian, specialist whisky bar, Black Rock and Crazy Pedros and Refuge both based in Manchester.

Fabrice Limon and Barrie Wilson, Creators of The Drinks Drop, commented, “We are thrilled to be able to support the bar industry regain momentum following the COVID-19 crisis, creating a unique business opportunity for both brands and bars alike. With an increasing consumer demand for enjoying professional-level food and beverage at home, we are sure that The Drinks Drop will help us all transition back to normality and far beyond.”

The Drinks Drops platform has initially launched three services allowing consumers to receive boxes of six cocktails the day after placing an order, (available nationwide), same day bike delivery of individual cocktails, (London and Manchester only) and a bespoke cocktail creation service for a truly unique encounter, perfect for large events, celebrations and personal pleasure.

Ranging in serves from straight up, on the rocks, highball and lowball, all consumers need to do is chill, pour and share, with no further mixing needed.

Whether the nation is looking to impress their guests when entertaining, pairing top- notch food with high quality cocktails at home, or to simply ensure Friday drinks at work get that little bit sweeter, The Drinks Drop will provide the necessary tools in order to #StayInHighSpirits.