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Only UK Ghanaian bakery to launch nationwide delivery

For the first time since opening in 1995, the UK’s only specialist Ghanaian bakery is set to launch nationwide delivery from next month.

Uncle John’s Bakery in London's Tottenham, which is best known for its own sweet bread made from a traditional family recipe, is expanding its reach by offering nationwide next day delivery, as well as a pick up at store option.

The bakery offers a range of breads, doughnuts, cakes, pies and savoury snacks - like chin chins (a fried wheat flour snack), all made from Ghanaian family recipes and prepared freshly prepared on-site.

The next day delivery will feature two bundles – both bursting with Uncle John’s popular sweet and savoury delights.

The Uncle John’s Bakery Signature Box includes:
– Sweet Bread
– Savoury Chin Chin x2
– Coconut Chin Chin x2
– Sponge Cake, Carrot Cake
– Bofrot (Ghanaian Doughnuts)

The Uncle John’s Bakery Custom Box comprises:
– Three loaves (Can be multiples of each) - Sweet Bread, Twister Bread, Tea Bread, Buns Bread, Wholemeal Bread, Cocoa Bread
– Savoury Chin Chin – Maximum 10
– Coconut Chin Chin - Maximum 10
– Sponge Cake – Maximum 7
– Carrot Cake – Maximum 3
– Bofrot (Ghanaian Doughnuts) (3 per pack) – Maximum 7
– Cinnamon rolls – Maximum 6 (Choice of 4 flavours Plain, Coconut, Sprinkles, Oreo)

Customers need to order by 12pm in order to ensure next day delivery (Tuesday - Saturday), and all orders are made via Uncle John’s website.