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Japan Centre Group to open Panton Yokocho Street next month

Japan Centre Group's Heddon Yokocho team is set to open its new site on Panton Street, in the heart of London’s Westend off Leicester Square, on 11 November.

The 5,800 sq. ft Panton Yokocho, with covers for 120, will be a celebration of regional ramen from the cold island of northern Japan to the tropical climate of the south, this time with the addition of noodle favorites udon and soba.

Guests will be transported back in time to the 1970s Yokocho?‘alleyways’ of Tokyo, where they’ll be immersed in vibrant Showa era ambiance and retro tastes of the decade.

‘Yokocho’ alleyways are the social backbone of major Japanese cities full of hustle and bustle, food vendors and street soul food playing a major part in Japanese social lives and community spirit. They are loud, noisy, fun streets full of mouth-watering tastes & smells.

Panton Yokocho will be no exception, with imitation yatai stall dining areas, hanging lanterns and retro lights, vintage posters, alleyways, cosy drinking dens with crate seating, noren curtain, manga masks and rising steam from the open theatrical noodle kitchens. All set against a soundtrack of Japanese pop tunes from the era creating an enchanting and nostalgic Tokyo street food vibe for diners.

The menu will celebrate the history of ramen, udon and soba and the differences of regional noodle cuisine in Japan, offering up specialty bowls with different broths and noodle genres from across Japan, from the snowy northern islands of Hokkaido to the southern tropical archipelagos of Kyushu.

Priced from £11.90, diners can choose from a selection of generous, hearty ramen. There'll be the famous Tonkotsu Ramen but also regional specialties such as Sapporo Miso, a miso-based chicken & pork broth ramen, and Hakodate Shio - a salt and miso-based broth ramen.

For vegans, there is the Vegan Napoli, a tomato-based ramen with grilled tomato & mushroom topped with basil and vegan cheese. The signature ramen - The Yokocho, a soy-based chicken & pork broth ramen with slices of BBQ pork and topped with menma bamboo shoots, naruto fish cake, whole nitamago egg & nori seaweed.

Alongside retro ramen, diners will be able to choose from a range of freshly prepared udon and soba dishes. From Prawn Tempura Udon or Soba, topped with light and crispy prawn tempura, wakame seaweed, spring onion and kamaboko fish cake to Sukiyaki Udon or Soba topped with tender sukiyaki beef or Yamakake Udon or Soba, served with grated Japanese yam, creamy yolk egg and kizami nori seaweed.

A selection of soul food sides including, karaage, buns, gyoza, shio kosho chicken wings and creamy chilled tofu topped with kimchi alongside a range of udon, yakisoba dishes and chicken katsu and pumpkin croquette curry will also be available.

To drink, diners can select from a range of highballs, ice-cold Japanese draft, Japanese Shochu cocktails with sour mix and fresh strawberries and flights of sake from £8.00 giving diners a chance to discover their favourite. For a real taste of nostalgia, the melon cream soda is a must try, - a vibrant green melon soda float topped with vanilla ice cream and a maraschino cherry.

Tucked away behind noren curtains, snugly enclosed in your own table for one, these booths are designed to help you focus 100% on your ramen. Panton Yokocho diners can kick back and relax with minimal distractions and disturbances, and you can be fully immersed in your own ramen dining experience.