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Veganuary 2020 has seen multiple well-established coffee and fast-food chains launch their own vegan products.

Keen to capitalise on the ever-growing appetite for a plant-based diet among Brits – the likes of KFC, primarily recognised for its meat products, now have vegan options available.

Interested in the rise of veganism, OnBuy.com derived search engine data from analytics tool SEM rush to discover the average amount of times per month Brits are using Google to find out about the vegan products offered by their favourite coffee and fast-food chains.

OnBuy.com found that ‘KFC Vegan’ receives an astonishing 6,600 online queries every month. Thereafter, ‘McDonald’s Vegan’ is searched 5,400 times every month. ‘Pizza Hut Vegan’, ‘Subway Vegan’ and ‘Domino’s Vegan’ are each gaining 4,400 monthly Google searches.

Interestingly, the pioneers of starting the trend, with their Vegan sausage rolls last year – ‘Greggs Vegan’ is searched 2,400 times per month. On the other end, ‘Wagamama Vegan’ and ‘Starbucks’ Vegan’ are each generating 1,000 online searches a month.

‘Greggs Vegan sausage roll’ is Googled an astounding 14,800 times per month – the equivalent of 41 searches each day. ‘KFC Vegan burger’ is accumulating 4,400 online searches a month.

Additionally, OnBuy.com surveyed 728 British consumers to discover how they perceive food brands that are offering vegan products. It found that 74% of Brits believe food brands that have vegan products are ‘caring’.

Subsequently, 69% view food brands who offer vegan products as ‘modern’. Whilst 63% consider them to be ‘innovative’ due to the addition of vegan options to their existing product range.

Interestingly, 51% classify food brands that provide vegan products as ‘aware’ - as it shows they are factoring in consumers with varying dietary needs/preferences.

Cas Paton, Managing Director of OnBuy.com, commented, “The food industry has seen a wonderful start to 2020. With so many vegan products launched by an array of well-loved food brands, it’s undoubtedly an exciting time.

'The demand for plant-based products has significantly risen over the last few years and with ‘veganism’ firmly in the spotlight during January, more and more people want to give vegan products a try.

'When it comes to coffee shops and fast-food chains, this research certainly shows which brands vegan initiatives are sparking the most interest from British consumers.”

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