Sales taking off at Crêpeaffaire’s first airport site

With the Pancake Day buzz in full swing, TRG Concessions & Crêpeaffaire report sales far exceeding expectations at their Luton Airport unit, opened in December 2018. Its success follows strong growth during the 1st quarter of 2019 across the Crêpeaffaire business.

The Brand’s new Quick-Serve format has been key to the strong performance at the Luton airside unit. Its separated service and production counters, combined with a speedy product chute, make service speeds up to 50% faster to meet the needs of time-sensitive passengers.

The Quick-Serve format was specifically designed to fulfil the needs of operations with high levels of footfall where space comes at a premium. The format operates without any outside extraction requirements, giving it maximum flexibility in sites like travel hubs, cinemas, stadiums, universities or service stations.

Nick Ayerst, Managing Director of TRG Concessions, said:, “We’re delighted with our partnership with Crêpeaffaire and very pleased with the early performance of our first collaboration, delivering a range of freshly-made, customised and tasty crepes at speed to a growing number of guests.”

Daniel Spinath, founder and CEO of Crêpeaffaire, commented, 'Speed at peak times in an airport location such as Luton is imperative in order to achieve success. Entertainment for the taste buds can now be achieved at high speed at any place experiencing strong volume peaks.”

The franchise partnership is now actively pursuing new opportunities across the UK.