New Deliveroo Global VP for Restaurants

Deliveroo has appointed Susana Voces to be the company’s new Global Vice President for Restaurants. This comes as Deliveroo has expanded rapidly across the world, now in 14 markets and working with 80,000 restaurants worldwide.

Voces will be working in Deliveroo’s London HQ and brings a huge amount of experience to this vital role, and is currently the General Manager for Ebay Italy and Spain. In these roles she reinforced the company's position in both countries, achieving a high level of notoriety for the marketplace platform and consolidating a business of 7.5 million active users and 40,000 professional sellers.

Before then Voces was Country Manager for Ebay Marketplaces in Spain and Head of Merchant Services for PayPal in Spain and Portugal. Experience in these roles, as well as having worked at Ericsson for seven years and having a Masters in Business from Harvard, mean Mrs Voces will help Deliveroo continue to improve its offer to restaurants.

Restaurants that work with Deliveroo are able to reach customers they otherwise would be unable to and see their revenues increase by up to 30%. In 2019 Deliveroo is committed to being the partner of choice for restaurants in all markets. The company and Voces’ priorities for restaurants will be:

> Innovation. Deliveroo helps restaurants create Virtual Brands - completely new brands run out of restaurants’ kitchens, increasing choice for consumers and sales for restaurants. Deliveroo’s Editions delivery-only kitchens enable restaurants to expand to places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to as they reduce the cost and the risk for partners. Deliveroo will continue to roll out innovations that help restaurants extend their menus and reach a wider customer base.

> Data insights. Deliveroo has unique insights on how restaurants’ delivery services perform. Restaurants can use this via Deliveroo’s ‘Restaurant Home’, which provides data on performance, to learn how to improve their service and understand where their competitors have an advantage.

> More freedom on the platform. Deliveroo’s ‘Marketer’ gives restaurants greater freedom to launch their own discounts and promotions on the platform. Restaurants get 30% more orders when they run an offer with Marketer, on average.

> Marketplace+. Deliveroo is uniquely enabling restaurants to fulfil orders either with their own rider fleets or though Deliveroo riders. This service, ‘Marketplace+’, dramatically extends the delivery service restaurants are able to offer while improving delivery times.

> Increased selection for consumers. Deliveroo has enabled consumers to be able to order from further afield; at the end of last year customers could on average see double the number of restaurants they could see at the beginning of the year. This increases overall order volumes on the platform, benefiting all partners.

Voces said, “This role is hugely exciting. Deliveroo is a company with huge potential. There are so many amazing restaurants out there, from household name chains to innovative street stalls, and we want everyone to be able to order whatever they want whenever they want it, catering for every occasion. This is a great, ambitious company and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Everything we do will be about supporting restaurants and helping them to grow, making their food available to as wide an audience as possible.”

Deliveroo spokesperson said, “Deliveroo has always led the way in bringing new innovations to local food sectors and it is great that Susana is joining to help us continue to improve the support we offer to restaurants. She has huge experience and talent and will help the team ensure we are offering customers and restaurants the best possible food experience.”

Voces’ appointment comes as Deliveroo expands its perks platform for restaurant partners, giving them access to a wide range of deals to save money on everyday business costs. Deliveroo has recently announced partnerships with a range of providers including Yumpingo - which offers restaurants detailed customer insights and feedback; CentralApp - which builds websites for restaurants and monitors their online presence; and Flux - which enables restaurants to use digital receipts.