Commercial Kitchen 2019 previews new product innovations

From table-top pasta cookers, professional food thermometers, temporary kitchens and portable bars, to the latest in ovens, fryers, grills, glasswashers and grease management solutions – there’s a long list of new kitchen innovations to discover at Commercial Kitchen 2019.

More than 100 companies, including many of the most influential brands within the catering equipment and services industry, are set to showcase their newest offerings at the show, taking place next month on 4-5 June at the NEC Birmingham.

Bringing together everything needed to design and equip an innovative and efficient commercial kitchen all under one roof, it’s an essential visit for those wanting to get a first look at the latest launches and discover the best kitchen equipment on the market.

Here’s just a taste of what’s new for 2019:
Medem UK is previewing its SEC-K ventilation interlock system, which offers the capability of 24-hour CO and CO2 monitoring. On detection of gas, a fan or alarm can be activated to provide additional warning and protection when solid fuel appliances are used. The system’s fan boost mode allows catering staff to increase the ventilation for a time limited period to vent the atmosphere for comfort (stand K19).

Valentine Equipment is offering visitors a first look at the new Liguria table-top pasta cooker, which will launch later this year. This compact pasta cooking unit is manufactured to Swiss engineering standards and features rapid heating and easily controlled temperature. The Liguria suits foodservice operations that like the flexibility of pasta and want to change things around to keep customers interested and satisfied (stand A1).

Lincat is unveiling a new range of convection ovens at the show. The range of specialist ovens are available in several different specifications to meet the needs of various commercial kitchen set ups, and all use cutting-edge technology to produce fantastic cook results. The addition of these ovens to the product portfolio enables caterers to purchase their complete kitchen from Lincat, providing a single-point solution (stand H45).

UNOX UK is introducing the new Deck oven at the show. The latest addition to its Bakerlux Shop Pro line, which includes 35 oven models aimed at the retail and convenience sector, this traditional stone deck oven completes the range. It offers the opportunity to build a bespoke column best suited to the style of operation, thereby providing the perfect piece of equipment for those tasks normally associated with a traditional baker’s oven (stand F3).

DC Warewashing & Icemaking Systems is introducing its new Maxima Series warewashing range, incorporating high performance digital undercounter and passthrough machines. An LCD Interface delivers information seamlessly to the operator and gives access to a range of specialised programmes, manager-only functions and real-time temperature display. Chemical dosing can be adjusted via the control panel, as well as built-in features such as an energy-saving standby mode and sanitising wash-and-rinse thermo-lock (stand A31).

Shelfspan is launching a new flexible, modular shelving system, which features a longest single shelf span of 2 metres and 440 size variations, ensuring best fit to maximise storage space. The anodised aluminium frames and polyethylene shelf slats provide superior strength with up to 250kg per shelf and 1000kg per bay UDL. The slats can easily be removed and are dishwasher safe, meaning high hygienic standards can be adhered to (stand K39).

Hospital Caterers Association is launching its Life Changing Careers campaign at the show, which aims to encourage individuals to pursue a career in hospital catering. As the voice for healthcare catering, Hospital Caterers Association want to spread the word that a career in hospital catering can be a most rewarding experience, even life changing, offering the chance to play a part in helping others recover or to improve their quality of life (stand A41).

Jongor Hire is showcasing its recently launched Cabin Kitchens. Offering an effective medium-term solution for those seeking a temporary kitchen, these high-quality rigid containers have an advanced Fire Suppression System, making them ideal for schools, care homes, prisons and hospitals. Tailored to individual catering requirements, they feature everything you would find in a standard kitchen, but available on a standalone, temporary basis (stand J1).

GreaseShield is demonstrating the latest addition to its award-winning range, the GS2000-SS model. Designed to be located directly under sink bowls to reduce space requirements in kitchens, it features a pull forward food filter draw that removes the need for additional height requirement under sinks. Offering ease of use and installation, the model ensures enhanced removal of food waste, fats, oils and grease, reducing drain blockages and cutting costs (stand F19).

Kingspan Water & Energy is discussing its new “world-first” #FogtoFuel initiative to reuse fat, oil and grease waste and turn it into fuel for vehicles. Also showcasing a suite of innovative grease management solutions and presenting a unique perspective on the workings of grease management technology through an augmented reality app, which enables users to experience a three-dimensional view of the Kingspan SmartServ within a kitchen (stand J29).

Meiko UK is promoting its new M-iClean UM glasswasher, which offers improved indoor air quality and 15% energy savings, thanks to its heat recovery M-iClean AirConcept system, and ends the need for hand polishing of glassware due to its GiO reverse osmosis feature. Other features include Bluetooth data transfer for maintenance, blue colour coding to identify parts for daily cleaning, plus no more clouds of steam when the door is opened (stand G21).

Roller Grill is introducing its new Premium VC contact grill. Built around a vitro ceramic infrared heating system to deliver energy efficient cooking, it features glass plates which give direct heat transfer to food, making the cooking process quicker and healthier, while also reducing smoke and smell. Features include a self-levelling top plate, power on light, 300'C thermostat, front opening drainage drawer, and integral digital timer with three pre-sets (stand A19).

Cibo is showcasing its innovative new fast oven, which can produce a wide range of perfectly cooked food in less than three minutes. It uses a patent-pending combination of three heat sources – convection, grill and a heated base – to cook, toast and reheat multiple fresh and frozen foods. Compact and ventless, Cibo provides a full cooking platform, enabling outlets to deliver food of a consistent quality and maximise profit (stand H31).

ETI is demonstrating its new Thermapen Blue Thermometer. This professional digital thermometer combines the latest Bluetooth wireless technology with the same high accuracy, precision and speed as the previous model, the Thermapen Professional Thermometer. Simply connect to the host device (iOS or Android), then probe the item to be measured and press the button to securely transmit temperature data via a connection of up to 50 metres (stand D29).

Reco-Air is presenting its recirculating kitchen extract, which requires no duct or route to atmosphere, significantly reducing fire risk and enabling flexibility to locate a commercial kitchen anywhere. A range of model sizes and configurations are on offer to suit any layout and kitchen size, all of which are DW172 and CE compliant, and UL listed, approving them for high risk cooking in high risk locations such as airports, railway stations and shopping centres (stand G51).

Gamble Foodservice Solutions is promoting its foldaway bar, which offers an innovative design that can be set up in less than a minute and stored away in a 2ft² space. This collapsible, heavy duty bar has been made for easy mobility, with a durable vinyl-coated aluminium body for protection when transporting, that is also ideal for custom branding. Other features include an insulated ice bin in two sizes, making it ideal for cocktails and beers alike (stand H41).

Rexmartins is showcasing its innovative new induction-powered fryer. The fryer features a powerful induction coil which generates heat directly in the tank base. This, combined with close-tolerance temperature control, saves energy and reduces oil usage. The absence of submerged elements or heating tubes, found in conventional electric and gas fryers, gives unobstructed access for cleaning (stand C39).

Hupfer is demonstrating its Therma Dry solution for serving piping hot food. Using the thermal energy of infrared waves, the system ensures food remains at a constant temperature, for perfect presentation, individual temperature control and no overcooking. With no added water, no preheating and a low wattage, it delivers energy savings of up to 63%. The unit is ergonomic, safe and easy to clean, with removable access doors, allowing for maximum convenience when loading or removing (stand E3).

Filta is promoting the latest addition to its range of grease recovery solutions, the GreaseMaster. This new grease management solution offers a unique five stage grease cleaning process making it highly effective. Available in five different sizes, the GreaseMaster is incredibly versatile and uniquely ambidextrous, meaning its suitable for even the smallest of kitchens (stand E29).

Yellow Shield is presenting its Spill Kill Super Absorbent Powder. A fast spill response solution that instantly contains and prevents further contamination, it’s 99% antibacterial, food safe, non-combustible and eliminates up to 80% of lingering odours. Ideal for use in commercial kitchens of all kinds, it absorbs all oils, food and dairy liquids, alcohol, soft drinks, and body and animal waste fluids, and is suitable for use on many surfaces. It leaves no residue, so surfaces are left clean and dry, reducing the risk of slips and falls (stand K51).

Regale Microwave Ovens is demonstrating its new Microsave CPS3A Cavity liner, specially designed to provide total protection for the new 1800watt output microwave oven by Panasonic. It’s made using the latest inverter technology, which not only makes the microwave oven 12 kilos lighter than any other high-powered microwave oven, but also gives a far smoother cook pattern with no cold spots and a saving of 6% on energy costs (stand G29).