Leading London F&B discovery app reveals exceptional early growth

Nez, London’s leading food and drink discovery app, has today revealed incredible early engagement figures and proven results as a successful marketing platform for partners. Having been used over 350,000 times, by its 135,000 users, nez is now continuing its rapid expansion across London.

The firm was created in 2016 when founder Joe Zender recognised the need for a digital platform to connect traders with a local customer base, delivering hyperlocal offers straight to the phones of Londoners. Now working with over 330 partners across central London, nez is proving to be a valuable marketing partner, delivering a genuine increase in footfall and returning customers.

Nez differentiates itself through the elevated, full-service marketing platform it offers its partners. Cafes, bars and restaurants receive equal levels of support regardless of size through targeted emails and push notifications to users, alongside social media support and access to invaluable customer data insights.

Nez partner K10 commented, “Nez has become a jey partner for us. The app sends us new customers on a weekly basis, who provide really useful feedback. And their marketing campaigns create a buzz unlike any other food app out there.”

The company offers marketing which is often beyond the reach of the partner’s budgets in a streamlined, traditional and highly effective way, with 80% of customers returning as a full paying customer to at least one of nez’s partners such as Honi Poke and HOP.

41% of customers have increased their lunchtime spend since discovering nez, with 74% of customers regularly walking 8-15 minutes to visit their favourite nez partner.

Honi Poke recognises an increase in returning nez customers, commenting that, “It’s been really impressive watching nez grow over the past few years. For us, their app doesn’t just bring in new customers – we’re especially pleased with the rate of returning customers. Driving customer loyalty isn’t easy- but nez seems to have cracked it.”

Alongside this, 96% of nez users have told a friend or colleague about a place to eat which they found using nez.

Co-Founder and CEO Joe Zender said, “I’m really proud of what nez has achieved so far, but I’m even more excited about what we have in store for the rest of 2019. We’ll be continuing to invest in the high street, with major marketing efforts across central London, and focus on driving footfall and profitability for our partners.”