Nez launches new app feature

Nez, London’s leading food and drink offer app, has launched a new feature, Nez Perks, which enables companies to reward employees with credit for local restaurants, cafes and bars.

Nez Perks encourages workplaces to reward its employees with a meal from a local restaurant or café, leading to local partners reaping the benefits of increased footfall and higher retention rates from consumers based locally.

This is an exciting development for London’s food-to-go sector, as it creates a platform for restaurants to connect directly with local consumers and develop a regular customer-base at scale.

When an office joins Nez Perks, its employees are given a weekly or monthly top-up with the amount chosen by the employer to use for breakfast, lunch or any time either side at one of these partners. The employee can then go out and use their credit at one of nez’s partners, all discoverable via the nez app.

Nez Perks is currently available at over 350 London food and drink partners including Benugo, K10, The Good Yard and Honi Poke. These partners are also benefiting from the social aspect of Nez Perks, as the majority of users are using their credit as a reason to go out for lunch with other members of their team.

Vladimir Martynov, founder of Honi Poke, said; “Nez Perks is exactly what I’ve been looking for from a food app. It brings in regular and locally based customers - and more often than not they come in as a group. We’re already seeing the benefits on a weekly basis

Nez Perks tackles the challenge of pleasing a large team with one offering by providing a variety of options from their numerous partners. Since the launch of Nez Perks, the platform has seen a 78% employee uptake with a 4.6* satisfaction rating at the partner offices.

Founder and CEO Joe Zender said, “We are always looking for new ways to drive footfall for our restaurant partners and Nez Perks is undoubtedly doing that. We believe this is going to revolutionise the way employers reward their staff and creates a strong loyal customer base for our restaurant, café and bar partners.”