Leon launches UK’s first gluten-free high street katsu curry

Fast casual dining chain, Leon has today (Thursday) launched the UK’s first gluten-free version of one the nations’s favourite dishes - the Katsu Curry.

The popular dish is now readily available on the high street for the first time Which will come as great news to the one in ten people who now avoid gluten in their diets.

The UK has a growing market of gluten-free eaters, with 8.5 million following a gluten free diet and one in every hundred UK citizens being affected by auto-immune digestive condition, Coeliac disease.

Leon has seen the impact of this growing demographic since launching its gluten-free chicken nuggets in August last year, with over one million portions already being sold.

The proportion of those previously unable to eat Katsu curry due to it’s gluten levels haven’t stopped the dish becoming a favourite with consumers across the UK. In-fact, Katsu curry has become one of the most popular take away dishes in cities across the nation.

The dish is notoriously difficult to make with a gluten-free recipe, due to the chicken or veg being coated in Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs. Leon, however, is the first high-street restaurant brand to make this possible by using its GFC (gluten free) chicken.

The curry, coined ‘Lucky Katsu’ is made with Leon’s GFC (gluten-free chicken nuggets) and a coconut-based curry sauce, making it the first Katsu curry available at a high-street restaurant brand that is both coeliac friendly and made without dairy. Made using sustainably sourced gluten-free chicken with Red Tractor accreditation* and fresh herbs and spices.

Head of Food, Erica Molyneaux said, “Introducing the UK’s first gluten-free Katsu Curry on the high street is a natural step for us. It’s always been important to drive free-from innovation, to create and reimagine dishes that everyone can enjoy. This has allowed us to take dishes like the Katsu Curry and make it bolder, more flavourful, and conveniently made without gluten or dairy.

“We make our Katsu with our GFC recipe and a gluten-free sauce, made by frying off garam masala, ginger and garlic, alongside a seriously good curry powder before adding coconut milk for creaminess and slices of carrots for a sweet finish. We hope that our gluten-free and coeliac fans will finally be able to taste the flavour of a true Katsu curry and really enjoy it!”

Leon is leading the way creating fast food that everyone can enjoy – food that tastes good, does good and make people feel good after they’ve eaten it, regardless of their dietary needs and preferences.

The gluten-free Katsu joins other best-selling dishes on the menu such as the vegan Jack Wings and vegan LOVe Burger.

Named Lucky, after the double meaning for the word Katsu (meaning ‘cutlet’ and ‘to win’ or ‘to be victorious’ in Japanese), the curry will launch on 12 September in all LEON restaurants and will be accompanied with brown rice and vegetable slaw.

The Lucky Katsu joins additional dishes, such as the best-selling Lentil Masala that will return to the new Autumn menu at the same time.