UKHospitality warns against flawed tourist tax proposals

UKHospitality has warned against the Association of Accounting Technician’s (AAT) call for the introduction of a 2.5% tourist tax in Scotland.

UKHospitality Executive Director for Scotland, Willie Macleod said, “The AAT’s assertion that a 2.5% tourist tax in Scotland would somehow be “fair” is flawed. An additional tax burden on already hard-pressed accommodation providers would in no way be fair.

“The proposed tax would hit only hotels and would fail to address day visits or affect home-sharing platforms which increasingly make up many overnight stays. It would only disadvantage hospitality businesses that are already being squeezed at a time of huge economic and political instability.

“Any tourist tax would be an unwanted additional burden for businesses, but a 2.5% extra cost would be seriously harmful.'

Macleod finished, “Although the AAT is responding to the consultation, it did not make a written submission to the Scottish Government’s national discussion on the tourist tax. It is therefore disappointing to hear them put forth such an ill-informed suggestion so late in the day.”