Third ISS Zero Waste Challenge exceeds target

To mark Recycle Week, ISS has announced the results of its 3rd annual Zero Waste Challenge (ZWC). Held to highlight World Environment Day, ZWC saved over 90,000 items from being consigned to waste bins, smashing the goal of 80,000 items.

ZWC began in 2016 as a waste reduction campaign in ISS for clients, partners and individuals. This year the challenge was open to all individuals and organisations. There were 142 different organisations that took part across 50 countries with 23% of the 18,364 participants coming from external organisations.

The initiative, which was created by the Waste Services division at ISS UK, asks all involved to reduce their waste on the day, with activities as large or as small as each pledgee can achieve.

Reducing waste, increasing awareness
In 2018, and 2017, a combined total of 143,000 items were prevented from becoming waste products. The increase in awareness and positive behaviour is reflected in the goal of 80,000 items being exceeded in the one day in 2019.

This year, several ISS business areas from, Food Services and retail services, through to waste management and technical services showcased their waste reduction initiatives. By developing programmes and projects in all areas of workspace management, ZWC also provided the wider public with sustainable practices to drive a more environmentally balanced lifestyle.

As a sector, FM has increased power in achieving sustainability via waste management. FM service providers have the buying power to challenge its suppliers and partners to develop and provide more sustainable solutions which deliver sustainable initiatives for FM clients, customers and stakeholders. In the longer term, ISS has a continual and sustained programme of projects designed to eliminate waste and promote a mindful approach to sustainability.

Local and global waste reduction results
There is huge potential to have a positive influence both for FM and clients. For example, telemetric vehicle monitoring used by the ISS UK fleet provides more efficient fuel consumption, whilst reducing CO2 emissions. For the second consecutive year, ISS achieved top ratings in the Masternaut ratings which measures efficiencies achieved and reduction in environmental impact.

Among the global participants, ISS clients in various sectors are on track to reach zero landfill targets;
> The ISS Food Services business created a ’Save your surplus’ sustainable recipe book to encourage individuals to try out new recipes at home to use surplus food; the result was dozens of meals prepared with improved sustainability
> A professional services client in the Netherlands used ZWC to launch its ‘Waste Free Office’ programme to drive them towards achieving zero waste by 2020.
> A telecoms client will save 0.5 million single-use items per year with the roll-out of a reusable lunchbox scheme.
> Gatwick Airport ran a children’s poster competition to boost awareness of reduction, reuse and recycling in operation both on site and within the wider community.
> Amongst the ISS Financial Services & Retail sector clients, a major retail bank hosted a ‘Waste Generation Game’ to challenge individuals to sort recycling correctly in the quickest time. This gamifaction approach also raised awareness of items which are recyclable.

Matthew Brabin, CEO ISS UK & Ireland, stated, “I’m incredibly proud of the initiative launched by our people in the UK two years ago, and even more so of the positive results and positive impact we have made at a global and local level.

'In the FM sector, it’s our responsibility and our privilege to drive improvement and to support organisations and partners wherever we can. We have demonstrated how we can combine innovation with the power of the human touch to safeguard our environment for the future.”

Tim Proctor, Director of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality & Corporate Responsibility ISS UK, said, “Small, local changes can make a big difference globally when we collaborate and work together. In the UK, our #ThinkForward@ISS strategy embraces the beneficial impact we can have on our communities and to drive sustainable choices.

'Initiatives such as the ZWC are proof of our commitment across our business to support Every one of our people to do the right thing, in Everything they do, Every time they do it.”