Synergy Grill Technology increases production to meet demand

Synergy Grill Technology has increased production from 10 grills a week to 10 grills a day in the last few months, as demand for their environmentally friendly, technologically advanced grills continues to grow.

As a result, the company has doubled the total production staff at its factory in Cambridge and are now starting to dual source some components albeit, still locally and through British Manufacturers.

Chairman Justin Cadbury explained, “Synergy Grill Technology is in the middle of significant roll outs with two leading UK casual dining chains, with many others in the pipeline. As such as we are in the enviable position of being able to increase our staff at a time when many other companies are making cut backs.

'These latest wins make us one of the fastest growing catering equipment brands in the UK.”

He added that the increased demand has come largely from customers understanding the benefits of a Synergy Grill and then not wanting to wait for their current gas guzzling model to break down.

Cadbury continued, “What these latest contracts has proved is that once a customer understands the benefits that a Synergy Grill can bring to an organisation from both an output, cost and environmental perspective, they simply don’t want to wait for their current model to stop working, they want a Synergy immediately.

'One customer has calculated that by installing a 900 wide Synergy Grill in each of their establishments, not only have they saved 4400 tonnes of C02 every year – that is the equivalent of taking 800 cars off the road, but they have also saved themselves over £500,000 in energy costs.

'Whether you are a major chain or an independent restaurant, there is real money savings to be had. Most operators save between £1,000 and £3,000 a year by switching in Synergy Grill.”

The latest roll outs will also see a Synergy representative visiting each outlet on the day of installation and giving staff training on the grill, from both a cooking and cleaning perspective.