FDF responds to new Agriculture Bill

A new Agriculture Bill has just been introduced which sets out how farmers and land managers in England will in the future be rewarded with public money for 'public goods'.

The 'goods' include better air and water quality, higher animal welfare standards, improved access to the countryside or measures to reduce flooding.

This will contribute to the government’s commitment to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, while at the same time, helping to boost farmers’ productivity.

Responding to the new bill, FDF's (Food & Drink Federation) Chief Executive, Ian Wright CBE, said, 'UK food and drink manufacturers purchase the majority of what UK farmers grow and produce. We will work closely with our friends in the NFU to ensure the UK's future food and agriculture policy delivers for all parts of our £121 billion food supply chain.

'As the Government embarks upon trade negotiations with the EU and partners around the world, it is vital that we prioritise the quality and choice of UK food and drink, and safeguard the confidence of our consumers and shoppers in our world-class industry.

'The UK's 8,000 food and drink manufacturers must continue to have access to adequate supplies of raw materials that are safe, of high quality and competitively priced.'

He continued, 'We welcome the commitment from government to keep our food security under review. It must assess both domestic production as well as vital ingredients and goods from overseas.

'We are committed too to reducing our own environmental impacts and to working with others to increase resource efficiency and help protect natural capital across the supply chain.'

Wright concluded, 'Alongside Henry Dimbleby's work on the National Food Strategy and the forthcoming Environment Bill, we hope a joined-up approach from the Government will ensure UK food and drink continues to be a great national success story.'