CAMRA responds to Carlsberg and Marston’s JV

The Chief Executive of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has made comment on the proposed joint venture beer company between Carlsberg and Marston’s.

Tom Stainer (pictured) said, “This announcement about a proposed new Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company is a red flag to beer drinkers and pub goers across the UK and gives us cause for concern about the future of British beers, brands and breweries.

“If this joint venture goes ahead, we would see further consolidation of the brewing industry into just a few large, international players - to the detriment of our national brewing heritage, consumer choice, the diversity of beer in pubs across the country and the access to market for the small, independent brewing industry.'

Stainer finished, “CAMRA wants to see Carlsberg and Marston’s protect jobs and protect pubs, as well as to resist any brewery closures or moves which would see existing beers losing their identity, or regional character, as part of a merger.”