Synergy Grill Tech & Adande Refrigeration launches outdoor cooking solution

Synergy Grill Technology, in collaboration with Adande Refrigeration, has announced the launch of their latest Outdoor (Chill & Grill) Cooking Station.

This impressive new unit is designed for chefs who are looking for an outdoor cooking solution that not only consists of a premium grill, but one that also holds the produce in a perfectly chilled state, ready to be cooked.

Featuring a top of the range integrated Synergy Trilogy grill, paired with the latest Adande fridge, all housed in a wooden-finish cabinet which allows for gas bottle storage space, the brand-new Synergy Outdoor Cooking Station is as practical as it is aesthetic.

Excelling from an energy efficiency perspective, the new Synergy Outdoor Cooking Station boasts outstanding sustainability credentials with the integrated Synergy grill typically using 59% less energy than other standard chargrills and the Adande being the only A+ rated refrigerated drawer on the commercial market today.

With credentials like these, hospitality operators can ensure an environmentally friendly, low-cost, outdoor cooking solution that provides outlets with the chance to generate significant profit.

With both companies awarded for their unique UK engineered and manufactured products that are known for preserving and producing the best quality tasting food, it was a natural fit to work together.

Synergy’s Commercial and Marketing Director Richard Ebbs said, “By collaborating with Adande, we have been able to develop a one-stop chilling and grilling solution like no other.

'As a brand, it is important for us to keep ahead of the curve with new product innovations, and our new Chill & Grill unit is a perfect example of this, allowing operators to tap into the thriving outdoor dining market in a safe, practical and sustainable way.'

Adande’s Global Sales Director, Karl Hodgson explained, “It’s great to be able to work with another great British foodservice equipment brand, Synergy Grill Technology, and together bring further value to the hospitality sector. Synergy’s new Outdoor Cooking Station is a must-have for any venue looking to market its outdoor space as a dining option.

'This new profit-station will undoubtedly be a welcome necessity to those venues that want to entice customers back to the table, safely and enjoyably. Being innovative at this time is vital for everyone’s future growth and success. We thank Synergy Grill Technology, for allowing us the opportunity to do that via this collaboration.”