Compass improves safety with Totalmobile app

Catering giant, Compass Group has chosen Totalmobile, the UK leader in Field Service Management Software Solutions, to develop a mobile app to power the firm’s digitised Safety Walks programme. The new solution has already been rolled out to 2,500 users in 25 countries around the globe.

Committed to the highest standards of health and safety, the specially designed solution has enabled Compass Group to build on its ‘See Care Share’ model and provide its leadership teams with a highly structured way of conducting safety walks when visiting manufacturing or production sites. The purpose of these is to ensure that each location is maintaining the company’s high standards, for example in kitchen cleanliness.

Prior to Compass’ adoption of Totalmobile’s app, though this work was being carried out, the company didn’t have a method in place for reporting this activity.

The mobile application, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook’s diary, prompts users to plan and undertake a number of monthly planned safety walks. Once on site, the solution features a series of tailored workflows that guide users through how to conduct a safety walk and schedule post-walk follow-ups.

Federico Tonetti, Global Health and Safety Director at Compass Group, said, “The Mobilise app has enabled Compass Group to automate practices that encourage conversations between leaders and unit team members on safety and any areas of concern.

“We are now able to ensure these walks are undertaken in a standardised manner across the globe, and that all findings and follow up actions are captured, recorded and actioned, so that nothing is ever overlooked or forgotten.”

Featuring dashboards that can be customised to individual user requirements, the mobile app enables users to capture and record their observations in real-time, identify actions and checks for future review, and record the entire walk journey as it is undertaken through the premises.

In addition to maintaining a record of every walk undertaken, complete with photographs, the solution also enables Compass to automatically schedule actions to address any safety issues observed during a walk around.

Tonetti continued, “We wanted a solution that would support our leaders to proactively participate with colleagues in a way that promotes joint problem solving and resolution in a timely way. Maintaining the highest standards of safety performance is a top priority for our organisation.

'This system enables us to monitor compliance KPIs with local and international regulations electronically and with full transparency – as well as identifying any potential improvements that will enable us to stay ahead of an evolving global safety agenda.

“Having the ability to conduct safety walks in a highly structured and consistent manner has made it easier to quickly search out potential safety issues and automate resolution efforts to the benefit of customers and employees.”