Adam Handling’s Eve Bar launches signature cocktails for home delivery

Chef and restaurateur Adam Handling has launched a new offering to his wildly popular Hame home delivery service - a pre-batched bottled cocktail range from his award-winning and 100% zero-waste Eve Bar.

Available nationwide, the specially curated ‘prepared by us and poured by you’ menu allows customers to enjoy some of Eve’s cocktails from the comfort of their own home.

Awarded ‘Cocktail List of the Year’ at the 2019 National Restaurant Awards, Eve’s signature guest favourites include the likes of the No ‘X’ in Espresso coffee martini and Pandan Old Fashioned, which are available alongside some brand-new concoctions such as the refreshing and refined Lemon BonBon and exclusive Eve ‘Grounded’ Negroni.

For those wishing to avoid a sore head in the morning, the Maple Salted Negroni offers a delicious non-alcoholic alternative.

Each bottle is perfect for sharing at 500ml each, and comes pre-prepared, complete with tasting notes from Eve Bar’s team of mixologists, so all that’s left is to do is simply pour at home and enjoy.

No ‘X’ In Espresso: Grey Goose Vanilla, Hennessy VS, caramelised white chocolate, coffee
Eve ‘Grounded’ Negroni: Citrus Bombay Sapphire, Martini Rubino, Campari, Averna, Coffee wash
Panda Old Fashioned: Pandan infused Woodford Reserve, Monkey Shoulder, clarified banana juice, Cynar, bitters
Lemon Bonbon: Lemon balm vodka, yellow chartreuse, orange cordial, lemon
Maple Salted Negroni: Æcorn Aromatic, Æcorn Bitter, Seedlip Spice 94, maple & salt

Cocktails can be ordered individually, or in a set of four. Customers can place an order via, where they will also find full terms and conditions and delivery charges. Deliveries are only available on Fridays.