Synergy Grill Technology bolsters production with new manager

Synergy Grill Technology is delighted to announce the appointment of Craig Byrne as their new Production Manager.

With 30years’ of engineering, manufacture and production experience, Craig brings a wealth of skill to the table - which just one month after being appointed - has allowed the Cambridge-based manufacturer to bolster production to new heights.

Justin Cadbury, CEO & Chairman, outlined, “As Synergy’s sustainable message continues to make waves across the industry - and more and more customers begin to understand the clear financial gain to be had when investing in award-winning equipment with 59% energy saving levels - demand for our grills has never been as consistent or high.

'This high level of demand is one that we are delighted to be embracing and supporting well, especially since welcoming Craig to the team last month where an impressive 200 grills were built, ready for dispatch. Craig really is an asset to team Synergy and we are confident he will flourish in this role.”

Craig shared in Justin’s enthusiasm for being part of the Synergy Grill team, “Joining Synergy Grill Technology truly is a career highlight for me! To be part of such an innovative company that not only has an ambition to grow, but an ambition to encourage an industry-wide change of mind-set - where sustainability and British manufacture are rightly valued - truly is very exciting.

'I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Synergy, and I look forward to helping the brand rise to the inevitably of increased demand as awareness for their products continues to grow.”

With 40 products currently now offered in Synergy’s range, there really is a solution for every chef and operator need.