New Business Development Director for Synergy Grill Technology

Exciting times lay ahead at Synergy Grill Technology as ex-chef and restaurateur Richard Kennedy – the proud owner of the first ever Synergy Grill, made and sold in 2013 – steps out of his chef whites, and into Synergy’s new Business Development Director role.

Bringing decades of experience in food sales, business, and finance industries – as well as a “second-to-none” understanding as to the real-life culinary, environmental, and financial benefits that a Synergy Grill can offer, Richard is certainly no stranger to Synergy as Justin Cadbury, CEO & Chairman, details:

“Our relationship with Richard started back in 2013 when we sold him the first ever Synergy Grill for use in his Cambridge-based pub. Since then, it’s safe to say Richard’s passion for excellence in the kitchens with these advanced grills has blossomed, with him operating the exact same Synergy Grill for just shy of 10 years with no issues – bringing improvements to food quality, efficiency, and operational costs.

As our longest standing customer, Richard’s knowledge of our grills and USP’s is second to none, hence why I have every confidence that Richard will succeed in developing and improving our brand even further.”

Richard expands further on the relationship that he’s developed with Synergy over the past decade, saying:
“All chefs have that one bit of kit that they simply can’t live without, and for me – and hundreds of chefs across the country - the Synergy Grill remains top dog!

To now be working directly for Synergy truly is a dream come true, and I look forward to pushing the Synergy message so that many more chefs can experience all the benefits, as well as the experience of personally cooking on these state-of-the-art-grills!”

Having enjoyed an abundance of difference roles over the years, Richard first broke into the professional cookery world back in 1998 when he was taken under the wings of the chefs such as Anton Adelman and Malcom Emery. From this exciting beginning, Richard went on to chef at many of the most prestigious restaurants and events.

Later in his career, Richard harnessed his love and knowledge of food service by taking the reins of a struggling pub in St Neots. Over the next 16 years, Richard made it his mission to turn this sleepy loss-making pub into an award-winning gastro pub which he claims was, in part, down to operating a Synergy Grill.