Waitrose bids farewell to Heston from Waitrose range after 12 years

After 12 years of culinary creativity, Waitrose will be saying a fond farewell to the Heston from Waitrose range.

The supermarket said it will be taking its product development in a new direction - with some exciting plans in store for the rest of the year.

Waitrose has its own team of development chefs and product developers who have been behind recent success stories like the Levantine table range, the recently relaunched Cooks Ingredients range and our award winning No. 1 range.

The Heston from Waitrose range brought customers some iconic products, notably the hidden orange Christmas pudding and mince pies and hot cross buns with characteristic twists.

But the Heston brand won’t be winding down without a final flourish and a new product for Easter, The Chocolate Dabbit.

The Chocolate Dabbit showcases the playful creativity which the Heston from Waitrose range is renowned for, with some visual trickery - resembling a rabbit at one angle, but a duck when viewed from a different angle.

Natalie Mitchell, Director of Own Brand, said, “We’ve enjoyed what has been one of the most enduring relationships of its kind and we’re looking forward to the next chapter and unveiling some really exciting plans in the months to come. Watch this space.

“So we would like to thank Heston Blumenthal and his team for what has been a tremendously creative Partnership and wish them all the best in the future.”