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Cinnamon Bazaar launches Trader’s High Tea with create-your-own chaat

Chaat, India’s most-revered snack, is swiftly becoming one of London’s favourite dishes thanks to Vivek Singh’s latest restaurant Cinnamon Bazaar in Covent Garden.

The savoury street food snack, consisting of small crisp bowls filled with a mix of tangy sauces, sweet chutneys and fresh veggies and spices, have been such a phenomenal hit at Cinnamon Bazaar that diners can now build their own or enjoy two of the most popular chaats at the brand-new Trader’s High Tea.

Inspired by ancient and modern bazaars from around the world, Chamiya – Cinnamon Bazaar’s chaat cart – will do the rounds with an array of sensational ingredients to build-your-own, including crisp wheat bowls, tamarind yoghurt, chickpea vermicelli, lentils, spices, chutneys, cashews, veggies and more.

Wheeling through the tables like in the bustling market stalls, the vibrant cart will feature Cinnamon Bazaar’s signature chaats that can be customised at each table. Chaats can be ordered from Chamiya between 3pm-5:30pm daily.

Alternatively, diners can try two of the restaurant’s most popular hot chaats with the brand-new Trader’s High Tea, and tuck into samosa chaat with Punjabi vegetables, curried white peas and a tangy tamarind chutney; and aloo tikki chaat with spiced potato cake, curried white peas and chickpea sev.

A pot of JING tea for two or homemade Indian Masala Chai marries well with savoury tandoori chicken and homemade chutney sandwiches; Bhangra lamb sliders and sweet treats of carrot halwa roll and dark chocolate and walnut cake.