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SWA comments on new Scottish food & drink export figures

Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has today commented on latest Scottish food and drink export figures.

David Williamson, SWA's director of public affairs and communications, said, 'With Scottish food and drink exports reaching a record high it's clear that the sector is leading in the way in terms of the country's economic and export performance.

'Scotch Whisky continues to be the most significant part of this success, with overseas shipments making up around three quarters of total food and drink exports.'

He continued, 'Demand for Scotch made a welcome return to growth after a slight decline in recent years. Last year, Scotch exports were up 4% in value to just over £4 billion, and up 4.8% by volume to 1.2bn bottles.

'Blended Scotch Whisky continues to be the biggest category, and it's also good news that Single Malt Scotch exports exceed £1 billion for the first time. But we need support from governments as we deal with the challenges and opportunities ahead, including Brexit.'