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Second site set for Swoon Gelato in Bath

Italian ice cream parlour, Swoon Gelato in Bristol is to open a second site in Bath this May.

The new Swoon branch will serve a range of 16 flavours plus a selection of 'semifreddos' when it launches in Kingsmead Square. Swoon's gelato is freshly made every day on the premises.

Swoon will source some of its ingredients locally, including organic milk and cream from Bruton Dairy in Somerset. Other ingredients will come from further afield including lemons and pistachios from Sicily and hazelnuts from the south-facing Italian Alta Langa slopes.

The company, owned by Bruno Forte and Pat Powell, celebrated the first year anniversary last month of its Bristol store in College Green.

Gelato is churned very slowly to achieve a rich and creamy texture distinct from that of ice cream. It is also noticeably less cold than ice cream – typically served at -14C rather than -18C – and because it contains less fat, the flavours are more intense.