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BaxterStorey champions healthier workplaces with ‘Healthy Me’ launch

Following the launch of contract caterer BaxterStorey’s first Healthy Me programme in 2015, the demand for healthy alternatives in the workplace has soared.

BaxterStorey’s food development team has now launched a new range of hot and cold recipes to inspire and encourage healthier choices. The recipes complement the original Healthy Me launch which saw BaxterStorey win new clients and become a champion for healthier workplace environments.

To continue its commitment to creating healthier workplaces, BaxterStorey has launched a recipe guide with a collection of nourishing, balanced and delicious healthy dishes. From the Green Goddess smoothie containing vitamin-rich spinach and invigorating ginger, to spicy Thai-inspired salmon fishcakes (pictured) with a fresh beetroot, carrot and orange salad, the new recipes have all been nutritionally analysed to fit BaxterStorey’s healthy eating principals.

Gabriella Roberts, head of nutrition at BaxterStorey, said, “Last month, Forbes reported businesses that maintain a healthy workplace in a consistent and sustainable manner, often avoid burnout of staff and support people that grow great companies*.

“We know that poor diet is a contributing factor to lost productivity in the workplace and we work with clients to offer staff across all 600 BaxterStorey locations access to a greater choice of healthier options. At the core of all our new recipes is a passion for sourcing local, fresh produce which ensures ingredients remain at their peak nutritional content.”

All 40 new recipes avoid processed ingredients, high levels of saturated fat, sugar and salt, focusing on ‘good fats’ such as natural cold pressed oils, nuts and seeds. The range gives busy workers access to quick ‘grab and go’ options, without compromising on time or taste, inspired by ingredients designed to slowly release energy throughout the day.