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Wing Wing launches in Bloomsbury

Korean fried chicken restaurant, Wing Wing has just opened in London's Bloomsbury in WC1.

The new eatery serves up free-range chicken and is inspired by the ‘chimaek’ outlets from South Korea - also found in New York, which serve crispy fried chicken alongside ice cold beer.

The menu offers 'katsu' chicken, which is traditionally a Japanese food, but it has been adapted into Korean cuisine. The chicken is double fried for a super crunchy crust and then glazed to add flavour. Wing Wing has three glazes: soy-garlic, hot or liquorice.

Katsu is also available served over steamed rice with pickles (pictured), and for vegetarians there's a halloumi burger.

Sides include seaweed seasoned fries, kimchi coleslaw, and bao buns with crispy katsu inside.

Wing Wing is, apparently, the first restaurant in the UK to use a ‘bottom-up’ beer pouring system, which allows diners to serve themselves by filling their glasses from the bottom up in 4-7 seconds.

Beyond the main restaurant, the site features a private dining room with a huge TV screen and a self-service beer station.