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Climspon’s Arch plays host to Som Saa & Smoking Goat weekend

On 22 and 23 July, Som Saa will be popping up for a weekend residency - Thai Weekened - at coffee roasters Climpson & Sons' cafe and hub, Climspon’s Arch in E8, and will be joined by Smoking Goat on Sunday.

Stoking up the grills from 1pm each day, Som Saa will be paying tribute to the classics from the arch, while Smoking Goat will be serving char siu from a custom charcoal smoking barrel; a preview to their new Shoreditch opening in October.

Reminiscent of Thai street food markets, the atmosphere will be lively with a no reservation, ticket-style service, continuing throughout the day and into the night until the coals burn out.

The menu will be a selection of dishes from each restaurant, with Mark Dobbie and Andy Oliver of Som Saa rewinding to summer of 2015 with those nostalgic favourites including ‘Gai Yaang’; Thai grilled chicken leg served with dipping sauce, a take on the fiery ‘Som Tam Kai Kem’; green papaya salad and ‘Geng hung lay’; pork belly curry with ginger and pickled garlic.

Dishes from Ben Chapman and Ali Borer of Smoking Goat will be a taster of what is to come at their new Shoreditch site opening later in the year with dishes including Char Siu and spicy, heady Tom Yam Naam Sai.

Music will by no means be in the background, with traditional Thai tunes, spun with a hearty Western bass playing on into the night, while the bar will keep everyone well hydrated, serving Asian brews, Singha in cans, Sang Som whisky-soda buckets as well as a short selection of som saa and Smoking Goat classic cocktails.

Andy Oliver of Som Saa said, ‘We’re really excited to head back to the arch where the som saa journey really started for us.

Mark Dobbie added, 'It’s going to be great to get Ben and Ali down on Sunday as well, they’re good friends and we really admire what they’re doing so should be a fun weekend, showcasing some exciting Thai food.'

Ben Chapman of Smoking Goat said, ‘We’ve always looked up to Andy, Mark and Tom in their knowledge and focus. They’ve taught us lots over many meals and many beers over the years, som saa is my favourite restaurant so it’s going to be huge fun to be barbecuing at The Arch together.'