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Fancy Crab opens in Marylebone

A new restaurant, Fancy Crab, has opened in London's Marylebone, and features the red king crab, which is only caught wild, not farmed and is sought after for its plentiful, sweet meat.

The Wigmore Street eatery serves up the huge red king crab in burgers, on ice, with dipping sauces, and in salads and souos.

The crab comes grilled or fried in tempura, as crab cakes, or crispy crab bites or as a classic like Singapore chilli crab. Have it in a salad or soup for when you want your crab on the lighter side, or have it in a crabby classic like Singapore chilli crab.

Beyond the red king crab dishes, there are oysters, steak, and vegetable platters.

For beverages, there's a small wine list which focuses bright fresh fruit flavours that marry well with crab, like Pazo de Senorans Albarino and the Pinot Grigio rosé For red wine, the selection includes like London Cru’s juicy and Grenache.