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Butcombe Brewery grows business with £4m investment

Butcombe Brewery is investing £4m in four new projects, including a new craft beer production unit, newly installed packaging lines, alongside a beer storage, and delivery facility in Bridgwater, creating 12 jobs.

In addition, the company will be investing at its existing Wrington brewery to increase capacity.

The firm will install a bottling and kegging line at its new second site to bring the quality control of the bottled and kegs beers back in house. The development will support the growth in the keg range, including the hero brand Butcombe Original, as well as Goram (Avon IPA5%), Blonde (Blonde Ale 4.5%) and Bohemia (4.7% ABV Pilsner), which is brewed with a lager yeast and cold fermented for four weeks to give an authentic Czech Pilsner taste from the heart of Somerset.

The new brewery facility and distribution unit is located just off the M5, allowing for faster distribution across our heartland and further afield, which means more glorious beer being delivered to all you lovely lot!

Butcombe is also investing in its current brewery with extra fermentation vessels as it is at capacity at the Wrington site. The company will then be able to produce an extra 40, 000 barrels of beer a year supporting the growing demand for its beers.

The investment in specialist bottling and kegging equipment is a rare opportunity for a regional brewer of our size to really gear up and satisfy the rapidly changing market, and redouble its efforts in its heartland with Butcombe Cask beers at the centre of what it does, whilst making sure quality and consistency is at the heart of everything it does.