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Kudos develops greener credientials at RAF Museum

As part of Kudos' ongoing commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, they have recently implemented an initiative that will see far fewer paper cups used on site at the RAF Museum, Cosford, which includes its Refuel Cafe.

Instead, china mugs have been introduced to significantly reduce the amount of disposable cups being handed out and sent to landfill.

The mugs that will be used going forwards have been designed to look like well-worn enamel tin mugs, which is very much in keeping with themes in both the café and the exhibits throughout the museum.

Kudos Operations Director, Nigel Hutson said, 'In the period 17.11.16 to 16.11.17, we have used 91,000 disposable cups and 34,000 plastic lids at the museum - the majority of which ended up in landfill sites. Taking the conscious decision to opt for a greener material to serve beverages in will almost certainly see this figure drop to virtually no disposable cups used on site.

'We are thrilled the RAF Museum, Cosford shares our environmentally centred approach to providing food and drink. Alongside our locally sourced ingredients that go into recipes for the health conscious consumer, the new china mugs will help to maintain a level of excellence that is of paramount importance.'

As this becomes a larger issue worldwide, Kudos are very aware of the positive impact these essential changes can have on the environment and are looking to implement this same initiative at other appropriate venues we operate at.

As a catering business, Kudos is also proud to have held its ISO 14001 environmental management accreditation since 2008.

RAF Museum Director of Finance & Resources, Marguerite Jenkin said, “We fully support Kudos’s decision to introduce the new enamel mugs in the Museum’s Refuel Restaurant, as a move towards becoming more environmentally friendly. This falls in line with our own aim to reduce waste and increase recycling on site.

'We hope visitors will appreciate the move away from paper cups and if they are visiting in the run up to Christmas we recommend trying one of the new festive coffees.”

Crown-owed Kudus creates spectacular culinary delights using only the best locally sourced ingredients. Kudos and the RAF Museum will be working closely together over the coming months to improve and expand on the product range on offer to visitors.