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New Vietnamese eatery opens in Battersea

Mrs Le’s Bánh Mì and Grill has just opened its doors in Battersea, London SW11.

The 40-cover Vietnamese restaurant has come from the team behind the Mien Tay eatery, who have another branch right next door, as well as four further London sites.

The menu comes with a focus on barbecue and sandwiches and kicks off with Tofu Battered with salted egg yolk, Grilled Chicken Gizzards - a speciality from South Vietnam, and Sunshine Squid - Vietnamese fisherman clean and lay out freshly caught squid under the sun for a whole day, then they are grilled and turn a sunshine yellow colour.

There are pickles, such as Vietnamese pickled scallions or ‘glittering chives’, pickled morning glory and lemongrass.

Main dishes include Grilled Goat served with okra, Grilled Duck with mung bean paste; Grilled Whole Chicken and Lamb Chops. There's also grilled seafood, which is sourced from Billingsgate each morning. Oysters come with Mrs Le’s cheese sauce and there are stuffed freshwater snail.

There are six different bánh mì - the Vietnamese word for bread or more specifically a baguette, with the classic pork, beef, chicken, and pate filling options.

Beverages are all non-alcoholic and includes Vietnamese iced coffee which comes very creamy and a kick of caffeine. There are sodas, yoghurt drinks and juices in flavours like apple and watermelon and ‘shaking grape’.