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Greene King Pub Partners package helps 150 pubs build online presence

More than 150 pubs have signed up to a digital solutions service launched last year by Greene King Pub Partners to help them boost their online presence.

With hundreds of pubs across the industry missing out on potential customers because they do not have a website, Greene King launched its 2017 digital solutions toolkit to help show publicans why having a website was a vital part of any successful pub.

The toolkit was so successful, with 160 pubs signing up in the first 12 months, that the team in Bury St Edmunds have now launched an updated version in a bid to show pubs without a website the benefits of being online.

The team want to show why being online plays a vital role in 2018 in encouraging customers into pubs. They looked at the response to last year’s toolkit, evaluated it and have now launched an updated version offering even better opportunities for partners.

John Forrest, Managing Director of Greene King Pub Partners, said, “I’m very proud of the strong pick-up our toolkit has already seen in its first year.

“There’s plenty of evidence showing a digital presence encourages a greater number of visits to your pub and there’s lots of competition out there now, meaning not having a website or any digital presence can be a massive hindrance to attracting new customers.

“Pub operators are extremely busy people and, in my opinion, having the key information in this easy-to-use guide is ideal. You can really see a positive difference for pubs with a fantastic website, which are pushing out all their events on the website and social media.”

Greene King Pub Partners has teamed up with a number of companies in the updated toolkit to ensure their partners are getting good value for money at the same time as access to market leaders in their field.

One of those companies is Retail Impact Solutions, which builds websites for pubs and has now launched a new premium website service for Pub Partners.

Andy Mullin, Commercial Partner at RIS, said, “Over the last 12 months RIS have seen genuine positive results achieved implementing effective digital media in partnership with Greene King Pub Partners.

“The introduction of well-structured, carefully targeted social media campaigns designed to drive consumer traffic to a stylish customer-friendly website has seen businesses grow and develop as they position themselves in the modern marketplace.

“The support package that Pub Partners and RIS bring to the partner is one of the most productive and effective in the industry today.”

Offers in the toolkit, which is available in the latest version of the in-house Pub Partners magazine Innsight, include:
- Creating a premium website for your business
- Assistance on how to upgrade an existing website
- Adding an online table-booking service
- Having an online room-booking offer that can compete with established chains
- Expert Facebook advice for pubs
- A free social media library for all partners to use on the Pub Partners intranet