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Deliveroo set to create further virtual restaurants

Deliveroo has today revealed how it is working with restaurants to create additional ‘virtual restaurants’ in its state-of-the-art, delivery-only Editions kitchens.

Deliveroo uses its expertise to help restaurants create, test and and bring to market new brands that would are only possible due to the nature of online delivery.

Creating virtual restaurants allows existing restaurants to increase revenue and customers by offering new or complementary cuisines from their current kitchen, but under new branding. Restaurants use existing kitchen staff and chefs but are able to save on food costs and cut wastage, a significant challenge in the restaurant industry.

A virtual brand appears as a separate restaurant on Deliveroo with a new identity driven by a new cuisine or menu offering. It means BBQ joints launching mexican menus, greek restaurants offering healthy protein bowls and your favorite pizza joint delivering gourmet wraps.

At a time when restaurants have faced increasing economic pressures, Deliveroo Editions kitchens provide the ideal environment for a restaurant to test new food brands with minimal costs or risk. Deliveroo works as brand consultants every step of the way offering restaurants access to data, research of food trends, details of culinary gaps and supports the brand with marketing support, testing and rapid consumer feedback.

CEO and founder of Deliveroo, Will Shu said, “Virtual restaurants mean more great food for our customers. By creating new brands out of existing kitchens, restaurants can really boost their business and try new ideas without the need for expensive new premises.

“At Deliveroo we are using our knowledge, data and insight to help restaurants launch new brands in Deliveroo Editions and from their high street kitchens.

“We work with chefs every step of the way to make virtual restaurants a success from concept to delivery. The end result is great for restaurants and is helping to increase customer choice across the UK.”

UK virtual restaurant examples
Moshimo, Brighton’s sushi legend, has launched two virtual brands; Moshimo Vegan offering an exclusively vegan menu and Poke by Moshimo which specialises in Poke bowls

Chicken & Blues, offering succulent restaurant chicken in Reading, has created virtual brand Cheeky offering vegetarian and vegan-friendly food

Mezze House, which specialises in Lebanese dishes has created The Chickpea a vegetarian falafel brand