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Greyhound Cafe to launch Bangkok-style brunch

This summer, Greyhound Cafe, the first London outpost of the cult Thai restaurant, is turning up the heat with a new Bangkok brunch in the heart of London's Fitzrovia.

From 21 July, Greyhound Cafe will welcome guests each Saturday and Sunday from 10am for an all-day affair, featuring everything from classic Thai breakfasts to tongue-in-cheek twists on brunch favourites.

Arriving at Greyhound Cafe, guests can grab a seat on the sunny terrace, surrounded by abundant greenery, or head inside to the eclectic Thai-meets-West interiors.

On the menu, homesick Bangkokians will recognise several dishes: Grilled Pork Khao Jee is a breakfast staple for everyone from market traders to office workers, a combination of marinated pork on skewers served alongside sticky rice balls that are dipped in egg and deep-fried.

There will be Moo Yong Toast, a childhood favourite, which is made up of thick, crispy toast spread with sweet roasted chilli jam and topped generously with pork floss - the perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

Khai Krata, a popular egg dish from the Northeast of Thailand and said to have been influenced by French colonialists, are garnished with stir-fried holy basil chilli bomb (featuring minced pork), peppery Thai-style sausage, sweet Chinese sausage, tomatoes and beans.

Also, there's Khao Tom Mun Goong is a traditional rice porridge, finished with juicy prawns and aromatic prawn head oil.

For those with a sweet tooth, muffins are baked with Thai chewy, sun-dried banana pieces inside, and Greyhound Cafe’s signature Happy Toast is dished up with mini squeeze bottles of Thai tea custard, coffee custard, sea salt caramel and condensed milk, for guests to mix and match the flavours themselves.

Greyhound Café’s breadbasket comes with a choice of jams made in house from tropical fruit: lychee, pineapple, and sweet roasted chilli.

Brunch-goers can take their pick from a cocktail list, including a spicy Bloody Mary, and an array of Thai craft beer, which are exclusive to Greyhound Café London. Those looking to re-fuel can opt for freshly brewed coffee, made with organic beans grown by the hill tribes in Thailand’s far north province of Chiang Rai.

There is also a list of herbal tea, including a colour-changing butterfly pea flower tea, which turns from blue to purple with a squeeze of lime, or a mixed herbal teapot brewed with a generous heap of kaffir lime, mint, and tarragon.

Brunch will be served from 10am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays with breakfast also available during the week from 8am.