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Opening date revealed for Roux & Ferrari restaurant

Caractère, the much anticipated new restaurant by husband and wife team, Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari, will be opening in London's Notting Hill on 4 October and bookings are now open.

Caractère, meaning ‘character’ encompasses what both Roux and Ferrari hold dearest – beautiful food, warm surroundings, expert and friendly service – all delivered with real character.

Both chefs were trained in the classic French way but their love for Italian food is also what has bound them, and it shines in their menu. Roux is the daughter of the legendary Michel Roux Jr, and Italian-born Ferrari has been Head Chef at Le Gavroche for the past three years.

On the basis of its namesake, ‘Caractère’, the menu is divided into six character traits with up to three dishes to choose from in each section:

Curious – small plates/starters
Subtle – Vegetable-focussed small plates/starters
Delicate – Fish – main courses
Robust – Meat – main courses
Strong – Cheese
Greedy – Dessert

Explore your Curiosity with dishes such as ‘Seared Mackerel, Confit Beetroot, Black Cardamom and Parsley Condiment’. Savour the Subtle flavours of ‘“Acquarello” Risotto, Almond Praline, Reduced Port and Black Crumble’.

Searching for something Robust? Go for the ‘Seared Ox Tail Ravioli, Beef Consommé, Bone Marrow and Fresh Herbs’. Feeling Greedy? Dig into ‘Whole Roasted Figs in the Leaf, Gateau Basque, Extra Thick Double Cream’.

Combining the pair's love of classic French and Italian food, the menu is an expression of their culinary backgrounds and includes dishes that have been elevated from the dishes they love to cook for each other at home.

Ferrari said, “Our menu will of course change seasonally, that’s a given. But for our first menu, one of the dishes we love most is ‘Celeriac “Cacio e Pepe” with Extra-Aged Balsamic Vinegar’ which is in the Subtle section of the menu.”

Roux noted, “I always say that my desert island dish would be Diego’s ‘Linguine Cacio e Pepe’ so this dish is another example of the food we love to eat together, enhanced by using celeriac rather than pasta to make it something a little different and special for the restaurant.”