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Caternet & Ten Kites partner to deliver allergen compliant recipes & menus

In a bid to revolutionise menu and recipe deployment for the hospitality and catering industry and to improve safety and communication at all stages of the supply
chain, Caternet, software provider for the hospitality market and Ten Kites, the digital menu-publishing platform, have announced a new strategic partnership today.

The companies have combined both of their platforms to deliver cutting edge technology, connecting hospitality businesses with live, allergen and nutrition-compliant recipes and menus and deploying these across all devices, channels and apps in just one click.

The integration of the two platforms will allow restaurants and caterers alike to update daily menus and recipes while automatically sharing critical metrics with their own customers via mobile apps, websites and across social media platforms to increase footfall and remove wasted time spent manually updating websites and other channels when menus change.

Ollie Brand, Head of Marketing and Innovation at Caternet, explained, “Our partnership with Ten Kites is a logical step. The platform naturally integrates with our own system but takes it a step further from a deployment perspective.

'Clients can now store their recipes, which are automated to calculate the nutritional information and allergens per serving, and in just one click the system automatically updates the information that goes onto the menu before simultaneously updating all of the channels a customer may come into contact with, whether via a website, social platform or an app.”

Alex Marsh, COO at Ten Kites, commented, “We are big believers in making technology work harder for catering operations. We want organisations to focus on what really matters, providing a great experience for their guests.

'An informed customer always enjoys a better experience and our partnership with Caternet further extends the number of operations we are able to support. It’s also great to be working alongside a company that shares so many of our own ethics and values.”

Ensuring consistency of allergens updates across multiple channels in real time also gives greater peace of mind to hospitality and catering firms. Having immediate access to current menus and nutritional information also means that customers can review food options specific to their own dietary requirements, whether they are watching their calorie intake and looking for healthier choices or are searching for something more protein heavy after a workout, accurate content is but a click away.