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Rutland landlord sees sales boosted by touchscreen entertainment system

A Rutland pub which had felt ‘the squeeze’ currently hitting the UK pub trade is now flourishing thanks to the UK’s leading touchscreen entertainment provider helping it to boost sales ahead of Christmas.

Sean Jackson, landlord of the Railway Inn, Oakham, admits the pub is ‘lucky’ to have survived amid the record level of pub closures in the UK, having felt the squeeze over the past few years, but where other local pubs have been forced to close their doors for good, the Railway Inn has experienced a boom in new customers.

Following the installation of Mediatheme’s pioneering touchscreen entertainment system, ‘The Entertainer’, six months ago, the pub has undergone a transformation and now welcomes customers, from all different backgrounds, who use the system’s games, music, quizzes, bingo and even Karaoke.

Jackson said, “Rutland has lost a lot of pubs, but luckily we’ve survived. I think a lack of entertainment has been an element in pubs not being able to survive. It’s another string to your bow in drawing customers in nowadays. You have to diversify.

“The old days of men in pubs drinking beer has gone. It’s now a place for everyone and we get a wide-range of both men and women of all ages visiting to have a good time. The fact you can interact with the system via mobile phones is a massive plus point and we’ve noticed a rise in younger people visiting because of that. The diversity of The Entertainer system allows us to provide for all.”

The system also has an advertising feature which enables local businesses to reach out to a wider audience, while giving Sean an extra avenue to bring in additional income and interact and form partnerships with new businesses.

Jackson added, “The advertising element to The Entertainer covers the cost for the system and then some. It literally pays for itself while being a great public relations tool.

“Footfall has also increased, we’ve noticed customers staying longer to have a few extra drinks when we’ve got the system up and running. It offers a hugely varied package and sticks in people’s heads, which gives us that extra edge.

“I think it’s a great piece of kit to have for any struggling pub to revive their business. It gets people through the door.”

Founded in 2002, Mediatheme is backed by an experienced team of product development engineers, who ensure the range of features in its entertainment and jukebox systems remain innovative business propositions.

Murray Rorison, head of operations at Mediatheme, said, “It’s such a shame to see so many loved and long-established pubs having to close due to these hard economic times we find ourselves in.

“Fortunately, some pubs like the Railway Inn are a shining beacon of why these English institutions are so loved and needed. We’re delighted to see Sean and his team experiencing a boost in trade and wish it continues throughout 2019 and beyond.”

Mediatheme is currently offering an early Christmas present in the form of free consultations and a £500 discount to prospective customers ahead of the festive period.