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Harro Foods to increase Japanses drinks by 200% due to demand

Harro Foods Ltd, the UK’s largest Japanese food importer, wholesaler and distributor, has announced Japanese drinks as a key consumer trend for the year ahead following the decline in consumer demand for alcohol and interest in discovering new flavours.

On Friday 12 July, the Chessington-based firm will return to Olympia with their Japan Food Show exhibiting products with the aim of assisting restauranteurs to adapt and satisfy diner beverage demands in respect of social and cultural trend influencers.

'Harro Foods Ltd are proud to provide a platform for Japanese food items to enter the UK and Europe market that respond to the current consumer trends”, said Maki Itazu, Deputy Managing Director. 'This year we are responding to the high demand for increasing drink choice at restaurants by increasing exhibited brands by 200%”.

Japan Food Show new drinks to market include:
Kuki Black Sesame Latte (pictured)
Kuki has developed this drink using an extremely fine black sesame powder mixed with natural ingredients sugar, soy beans, and salt that is rich in fibre, iron
and calcium. 15g contains over 6,000 black sesame seeds.
Serve: Used to create a latte with any form of dietary-aware milk product.

Strawberry Nigori from Homare Brewery
Made by a brewery with more than a century of experience this is a low-alcohol sake-based liqueur with only 7% alcohol that combines the mild and mellow taste of nigori (unfiltered) sake with the sweetness of fresh strawberries.
Serve: Enjoyed alone as a digestif and is also delicious served over ice, shaken with soda water, or blended with milk for a Pina Colada-esque cocktail.

Yuzu Juice from Yuzuya-Honten
This product is made with 100% yuzu fruit juice. The brand insist on creating an all-natural small-batch juice product which has been carefully crafted to showcase the distinct taste and aroma of yuzu without any bitterness.
Serve: Extremely versatile product recommended to enjoy over ice and topped with soda.

Koji-Amazake from Marukome
Marukome use only all-natural ingredients to make their Koji-Amazake fermented rice drink. The drink is rich in amino acids and naturally sweet so free from any added sugar.
Serve: Cold over ice or can be enjoyed gently warmed.

Otsuka Sencha Green Tea
Otsuka Green Tea is a family-owned tea company, established 150 years ago. The company is located in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, a prime area for green tea production in Japan. The company harvests its tea leaves from plantations blessed with soil and climate perfect for tea production. The company’s award-winning products, including natural leaf tea, roasted tea, and brown rice tea, are all of the highest quality.
Serve: Otsuka Green Tea offers the unmistakable flavour and aroma of deep steamed sencha green tea enjoyed on its own.