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Corporate bosses turn to Deliveroo to boost staff morale

Deliveroo for Business, the corporate arm of Deliveroo, has today announced that a growing number of corporate businesses are turning to food delivery to find new ways to boost staff morale during this pandemic.

The number of corporate businesses joining Deliveroo for Business in a bid to help staff feel connected has jumped almost 2500%.

With millions of employees still working from home due to the pandemic, in the past two months alone, Deliveroo for Business is also reporting an increase in the sale of e-gift cards, which have increased 1500% since lockdown began. E-gift cards can be purchased on behalf of employees so they can enjoy an amazing selection of food from Deliveroo at home.

Leading organisations, such as Imperial College London, Babylon Health and Awin, have been using Deliveroo for Business during COVID-19 to provide employee rewards or perks, along with meals for virtual meetings and working from home team meals.

Before COVID-19, Deliveroo for Business gave companies allowances which could typically be used for overtime meals in the office, group orders for team lunches, or large catering orders.

The average spend per meal each month has risen during COVID-19 by 40% between March and May, with companies moving from providing a shared catered lunch in the office to individual meal allowances for virtual team lunches.

The technology industry has been the biggest adopter of Deliveroo for Business in the past two months, making up 60% of new customers, followed by media and marketing.

Friday lunches have become the most popular virtual meeting point of the week, with Deliveroo for Business orders surging 50% higher than other weekdays during this time. Tastes haven’t changed since lockdown, with burgers and pizza topping the list for most-ordered virtual lunch choices, and Vietnamese and Poke Bowls preferred for healthier options.

Companies can use Deliveroo for Business for their employees by adding an allowance to an individual Deliveroo account for staff to order directly.

Juan Diego Farah, Global Head of Deliveroo for Business, said: “Deliveroo for Business is proud to play our part to help businesses keep staff engaged and boost morale during COVID-19.

“The pandemic has affected all businesses and we are pleased that we have a role to play to help our corporate partners find new and innovative ways to connect with their employees.

“The growth we have witnessed during COVID-19 demonstrates that Deliveroo for Business is an important service to help reward staff and bring people together when physically apart.”

Georgia Locke at Awin, said, “The way we used the Deliveroo gift cards was to reward our staff for recognition of outstanding work that has been noticed by their peers or managers within the business. Usually, our country manager would take the selected employees out for lunch. Due to the current situation, we thought the gift cards would be the perfect initiative to take its place.

In Awin, workplace culture for us is something we believe is the key factor of our business which helps to drive engagement and retention within our staff.”

Deliveroo for Business operates in all of Deliveroo’s markets, serving over 15,000 companies around the world across all industries and sizes.